Saturday, April 24, 2021

A Winter's Night Walk - A Poem

A Winter's Night Walk

On a dark night

overcast with snow laden clouds

while walking, there is only

the white crunch of snow

as each foot falls. Breath,

a halitosis fog on the exhale

and sinus' freeze on the inhale.

Stop, now at forty below

freeze, do not breath.

Listen and then listen some more.

Hear the clatter of snow flakes

on the ground.

Breath again, inhale deeply

Smell the whiteness

of new fallen snow.

Do not yet move as the warmth

of the falling snow calms

your mind. Look up,

the sky begins to clear

and above the clouds,

color shows in the flake-filled sky.

A green rivulet of light

streams across the black sky, it grows wider, deeper

while the hiss of static begins in your ear.

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