Sunday, September 8, 2013

Second Infrared Pictures with the D800

Following up on my first infrared post back in March, First Infrared Pictures with the D800; I finally got around to taking some pictures with the Hoya R72 filter with the Nikon D800 and the Nikon 28-300mm lens again.  I did try taking some pictures with the Tamron 90mm lens but found it had a hot spot in it.

So my theory that the view finder cover needed to be closed was correct.  The 28-300mm lens did not have a hot spot.  Once I close the view finder cover, I got picture with a good light across the entire picture.

My process was pretty simple, I measured the scene with the camera light meter and found at f/11 the shutter speed was about 1/100 of second.  I calculated that with the Hoya R72nm filter that by decreasing the shutter speed about 9 stops or about 10 seconds plus or minus a few seconds.  I then processed with Lightroom 5 and converted to black and white. I have not tried the false color processing yet with Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CS6.

Here are two photos with the Tamron 90mm lens.  In the close up notice the bright spot in the very center and in the wide angle shot of the grass notice the bright spot though it is larger and not as bright.  At first I thought the hot spot was due to it being a macro photo and so I did a second shot at a much further distance of grass to see if there was a hot spot.  It was still there but much larger.

Close-up with the Tamron 90mm lens

Wide angle grass with Tamron 90mm lens

Two photos with the Nikon 28-300mm lens, I was able to get some good shots even with a breeze. I tried the first shot with a three bracketed HDR to see how it would work.  The leaves did not have a lot of detail in them as some other plants but it worked okay. It was pretty cool to capture the bug in the upper left hand corner of the photo in a 30-second exposure, which was the ghost image reduction photo.  Notice the grass photo below, again no hot spot in it as well.

Close-up with Nikon 28-300mm lens - HDR

Grass with Nikon 28-300mm lens

I still need to do some further testing but I think I have it down, which means I need to remember to close the view finder cover.  Next test will be to take some more pictures and do some false color processing.  I'll need to do some testing with other lens that I have as well to if others will work.  One other test I want to perform is to use the Hoya 72nm - 77mm wide filter on a 52mm wide lens with adapters to fit the smaller lens diameter.

Any other thoughts?

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