Sunday, August 18, 2013

Review Fitbit Flex as compared to the Fitbit One

Got the Fitbit Flex back in May and used it for a couple of months while using the Fitbit One.  The Flex worked pretty well.  The only issue I had was compared to the Fitbit One, it does not track stairs climbed.  This feature was pretty import to me, since I climb more stairs then I walk steps each day.

Either is a great motivator to help get you to exercise and both enable you to set goals for steps, activity minutes, and calories burned. The One enables you to set goals for stairs climbed.

The step and calorie comparisons between the Flex and One were pretty close.  Even moving my arms around, the Flex while on my wrist did not add steps when I thought it would.


I wore both devices for four weeks and had to charge each about once every ten days.  The charging connectors work well both the Flex and One.   It takes about one to two hours for a full charge. The charging connectors are not compatible which is something I did not expect.

The One's Wrist Strap/Clip vs The Flex Wrist Band

I like the wrist band much better for the Flex then using the belt/pocket clip for the One.  I like the way the band for the Fitbit Flex fit and it is pretty easy to use.  Even sleeping with it worked better then using the wrist strap of the Fitbit One. Once or twice in the last two months, I had come close to losing the One as it slipped off my belt or my pocket where it was clipped. The wrist band for the Flex takes a bit to get use to the first couple of times but once on, it works well in the shower, bath tub or in the rain.  I have not had time to see how the Flex wrist band handles in a pool with chlorine or salt water but I am concerned the chemicals won't react well with it.

Big issue I had with the Fitbit Flex was making sure I put the Flex back into the wrist band correctly.  I had put it in upside down a couple of times and if you don't change it often you don't remember the way it goes in.

The Fitbit One wrist strap for sleeping is easy to use but it is a pain to remember each night to swap it out and each morning to put it back in the clip and attach it to your belt or pocket.  A couple of times the One slipped out of the wrist strap pocket and I had to hunt for the One which was either on the floor or in the bed.


Both the Flex and One, track sleeping were very much the same in reporting.  You put them on your non-dominate arm to minimize the impact of the use of your dominate arm. The Fitbit dashboard does a good job of showing when you woke up and were just restless.  The ability to see how many times you woke up or when you were restless.  The dashboard calculates how long it took you to go to sleep and seems to be fairly accurate based on my experience.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Bluetooth for both worked great on Windows 7. Also, the Flex and the One connect easily to the iPhone 4s Fitbit app.  The iPhone app has the ability to sync in the background so if you step away from the phone for a while it will sync when you get closer to the phone.  From experimenting, it does not seem to connect with second generation iPads.

You can only have one device sync with the Fitbit iPhone app at a time and the app only works with one account at the Fitbit website.  One feature would be nice would be to handle two accounts or more accounts and devices for a household, this applies to both the iPhone and PC application.

Windows 8 Issue

Major issue was using the Fitbit application on Windows 8.  It seemed to sync well for a couple of weeks syncing either the Flex or One depending how it was configured.  After a Windows update though, it stopped syncing with both the Flex and the One, regardless how it was configured. I worked with Fitbit for several weeks but still no luck.  The release of Fitbit Connect I has issues with is v1.0.0.2578 released Feb. 26, 2013.  Fitbit engineers are working on the issue now.  Fitbit was nice enough to offer me a free Premium account due to the issues but I have not taken advantage of the offer.

Fitbit Dashboard

Fitbit's basic dashboard for tracking your steps, calories, stairs climbed, and sleep is great.  You can log calorie intake, weight, sleep, activities, BP, glucose  and create a journal.  Nice features to have available.

Weight Watcher's ActiveLink

Weight Watcher's came out with out with ActiveLink recently.  The price for the device is not bad $39.95 and you have to pay and extra $5.00 per month to have it connect to their web site. The ActiveLink does not track sleep and seems to just convert everything to points, no steps, calories, or stairs climbed.  If you use points to motivate you its not bad but the tracking of steps, activity minutes, and stairs climbed is an excellent motivator.  Converting this to points is easy, just track your activity time and the WW website can convert that to points.

My Choice

My choice, the Fitbit One.  If the Fitbit Flex were to track altitude changes I would use it at the drop of a hat.  I have not used the premium site yet and not sure the if the value for price is worth it.  I'll see about trying it in the future.

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