Tuesday, April 2, 2013

So You Had a TURP done -- Week 3

So here it is week three already.  If you have read my other two posts So You Need a TURP Done and So You Need a TURP Done - Two Weeks Later you know I went through a procedure known as a BiPolar TURP in March.

If we step back to about 4 days prior to the surgery, I was headed out the door to go down to Golden, CO for three days of Nikon classes and my right foot started hurting.  I thought at first Achilles Tendinitis which I get every so often but this was in the foot.  By the end of Saturday, my foot hurt bad enough I was limping and not having a lot of fun.  I iced it Saturday night and Sunday and by Monday it was slightly better and I still was going through the surgery regardless. Well by Tuesday when I checked out of the hospital it only hurt a little bit about a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Well, we come to week three after the surgery.  Wednesday I met with a podiatrist (foot doctor) after having several x-rays done.  Well, come to find out I have a stress fracture of a metatarsal, the one next to the little toe.  The funny part was it was not really hurting me when I went in to see the doctor but the next day boy did it hurt. So since Tuesday my foot has hurt and I have been wearing a boot with a good arch support to take the stress off the bone.  So it is getting better but again no real exercise for about 6-weeks. The bone has to heal.

Back to the TURP surgery, I still have pain urinating and seeing blood and some small blood clots.  The addition of Vesicare has helped with part of the pain and as the days have gone by it has gotten better.  Most days, it is about a 4 to 6 and more often it is starting to be below a 4 which is good.

So the plan will be at the end of this week to go off the drugs and see what happens to the pain over two or three days.  If it stays in the 4 to 6 range, I'll stay off them and expect each day to get better. If the pain goes up, I'll go back on the drugs for another week.

Overall, it is getting better.  I still get a bit tired by the end of the day but getting more energy each day.  I expect when I write about this next week things will be even better.

The big question I have not answered yet for myself is, was this all worth it?  I think I'll wait until May or June to answer that question since once things have healed up, I'll really know if I am off the BPH medications which was one of the primary goals.

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