Tuesday, March 26, 2013

So you need a TURP done - Two Weeks Later

Two weeks later, well let me back up to Tuesday a week ago.  See my previous post on TURP.

I went in to the the Physician Assistant (PA) to check on things after pulling the catheter out.  They asked for a urine sample, well they did not get one.  They did an ultrasound on my bladder and got a 91.  Not bad considering in the hospital I was having number between 200 and 400, with the average being in the 350 range, which means my bladder was not empty.

I did say that if anyone brought up re-inserting the catheter, doing any poking or prodding that I would run away.  For some reason I was in a lot of pain and also had eaten something that was giving me excessive gas which was not easy to get rid of, due to not wanting to put pressure on my system.

So I left and basically things were good, until Thursday.

Thursday, I go in to urinate and I see a bit of blood (some amount of blood is to be expected but it should not be copious amounts of blood) and I see popping out a blood clot the size of a Daddy Long Legs Spider and it felt very strange coming out. Thursday through Saturday I was seeing multiple large clots and again it was to be expected to see some but I did not expect them to be that large.  Now the clots are basically small and do not happen as frequently and I still see blood.

Monday I saw the doctor.  I went off the drug phenazopyridine that helps decrease urinary track pain and makes the urine a neon orange Sunday at noon and the pain was back.  Basically, on a scale of 0 to 10 (zero no pain), the pain I was having was at about an 9.  With the drugs the pain was down to a 3, which was fine.  The interesting part, I am having two sets of pain, one burning sensation on the initial start and then a significantly greater pain towards the end of going   After giving a urine sample and getting the ultrasound (which was zero, my bladder was empty), I described this to the doctor.  Basically, I am doing good and probably in pretty good shape.  The burning sensation is normal and basically under control.  The significant pain at the end though is not normal and sounds like bladder spasms.  There is the possibility that an infection is in place which could be causing the pain, as well, so my urine sample is being checked in the lab and I'll know Thursday if that is a factor.

So to control the bladder spasms I got another drug called Vesicare, which helps with the spasms.  I started that last night and last night it helped a lot, this morning not so much.  From what I have read, it builds up in the system and so over the next few days it should help during the day.  Also, in about 3 or 4 weeks I should be able to go off it.  I think my bladder has learned that it will always have something in it so does not know how to handle being empty.

I am on 6 more weeks of no exercise and no lifting over 10 pounds.  The issue being that where they removed parts of the prostate around the bladder and urethrae there are scabs forming and if I put to much pressure on my system they will break off, start bleeding and create large clots which could block the urethrae which is not good.  

I still expect at the end of 6 weeks to go off the other drugs I was taking and all should be good.  Another update on this topic in a week or so.

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