Friday, March 29, 2013

5th Friday Poetry

Since it is the 5th Friday of the month, I thought I would share a bit of poetry.  Two poems for your reading pleasure.

After the dreams I had this last week, I remembered this poem.


Dreams may appear
when they are not wanted,
become shadows in the mind,
and over time disappear.

The dream came,
clouded my mind like a flurry
of static on TV.
Flashes of light,
a story,
in color, not black-and-white,
of people known and unknown.
Where did the faces come from?
Movement and flight,
my vision intensifies
as I fall.

I awake
sun shines through the window
where there had been darkness.
The light guides my path.
Where it leads, I do not know.
I walk and walk.
Danger lurks in the periphery,
Something grabs me,
sinks a nail in my neck.

I awake in full
aware of the dream
within a dream,
I wonder if I am awake.

Dreams appear
when they are not wanted.

After learning to walk on the winter ice and snow in Alaska, this poem worked it's way out of my head.  For me it brings the view of the aurora and the feeling of the cold and snow.  Just a memory now but something I won't forget.

Winter's Night Walk

On a dark moonless night
overcast with snow laden clouds
there is only the white crunch
of snow  as each foot falls.
Breathe out, a gray fog.
Breathe in, sinuses freeze.

Stop, at forty below,
do not breathe.
Listen, then listen some more.
Hear the clatter of snow flakes
as they strike the ground.

Breathe, inhale deeply.
Smell the whiteness
of new fallen snow.
Do not move as the warmth
of the falling snow calms
the mind. Look up,
the sky begins to clear
and above the clouds...

A green rivulet of light slithers
across the black, growing wider, deeper,
while the hiss of auroral static
catches in the ear,
the roar of the universe,
as the green vaporous light
shimmers in the cold.

Turn, walk home.
Feel God's presence
in the cold green light,
the star-filled sky,
and each falling snow flake.

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